Dentsply Sirona Primescan®
Digital Intraoral Scanning

digital intraoral scans

Traditional dental impressions have typically involved creating molds of your teeth using trays filled with a soft and often bad-tasting impression material. This material hardens around your teeth and gums to create reasonably accurate models that your dentist and the lab use to plan treatment. Accurate impressions of patients’ teeth are an essential part of dental implant treatment.

The Dentsply Sirona Primescan 3D digital scanner has provided Dr. Abel with a new, comfortable, and more precise way for our staff to take impressions of your teeth. This advanced technology uses an intraoral camera to create digital reproductions of your teeth and gums on screen for Dr. Abel and the lab to utilize without the need for trays and impression material. These reproductions are then digitally merged with a 3D CT imaging scan to allow Dr. Abel to plan where best to place your dental implant to best provide your dentist the ability to make an aesthetic and functional final tooth restoration on your implant.