What happens if I never get my wisdom teeth removed?

Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. If yours have erupted without causing any issues, there’s no reason to have them extracted. If, on the other hand, you have trouble reaching them for brushing, they may be more prone to decay and infection. Wisdom teeth that are impacted can cause pain, and those that are partially impacted are at higher risk of infection.

At what age should my wisdom teeth erupt?

Wisdom teeth often erupt in the late teens or early 20s, although they can erupt even sooner.

Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

You may feel pressure, movement, and pulling during a wisdom tooth extraction, but you won’t feel any pain. The area will be numbed to ensure your comfort. Sedation anesthesia is often an option as well.

Is it bad to have all four wisdom teeth removed at once?

No—in fact, we recommend extracting all of your wisdom teeth at the same time. Then, you only need to have one procedure and one recovery period, which makes the process easier for you.

What are the benefits of removing my wisdom teeth?

Removing your wisdom teeth can make your remaining teeth more cleansable and lower your risk of gum disease in the area. If your teeth are impacted, having them extracted can alleviate pain and infection.

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