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Relax, You’re in Good Hands: Dealing with the Stress of Having a Procedure

We understand the anxiety people feel when they go to the dentist, especially an oral surgeon. Maybe you had a traumatic dental experience in your past or you simply don’t… Read more

Potential Wisdom Tooth Complications

In Part Two of a two-part series on wisdom teeth, Dr. Mark Hochberg looks at the potential risks and benefits of having your wisdom teeth extracted. When patients have been… Read more

Smiles, Shouts and Shutouts… and another check for the Monarchs Care Foundation.

Manchester Oral Surgery, Vachon Dental and Dr. Joe Sheehan donated $500 to the Monarchs Care Foundation through the Shut-Out, Shout-Out program this year. The program has raised $2,000 since starting… Read more

What Causes Wisdom Tooth Pain?

In Part One of a two-part series on wisdom teeth, Dr. Mark Hochberg looks at the signs that indicate you may need to have your wisdom teeth extracted. As we… Read more

Oral Surgeon vs. Dentist – Why choose an Oral Surgeon?

You need to undergo a surgical procedure in your mouth and your general dentist has referred you to an oral surgeon. The questions start immediately: Why an oral surgeon? And… Read more

What is a Dental Benefit?

Walking a patient through the benefits of their dental insurance is something our staff is happy to do. We can help you process a claim with your dental insurer to… Read more

Significance and Safety of Mouthguards

The snow has almost melted away, the grass is starting to green and the athletic fields are filling with kids playing sports. Spring is finally here. From youth sports to… Read more

Choosing an Oral Surgeon

Have you ever gone to the post office and been asked how you would like your package sent? Will it be express, first-class, or standard delivery? If you consider the… Read more

Sports Injuries: From the Manchester Monarchs to Youth Sports

As a member of the medical staff for the Manchester Monarchs of the American Hockey League since the team’s inception in 2001, I have seen the full gamut of facial… Read more

Who Will Place Your Dental Implant?

Dental implants are a substantial investment of time, money and emotion for a patient. So why would you allow someone to treat you who learned the procedure at a weekend… Read more